This has got to be the most colorful photo shoot I have ever done. I loved having the opportunity to spend time with Briyanka for modeling a couple of her dresses. When visiting Atlanta the past two summers and window shopping in The Global Mall, I have always admired the clothing style’s of India. I find them so fascinating and beautiful.

Briyanka was up for whatever I put in front of her. For this shoot, we went to the River. And I literally had her climb down giant rocks to get to it. I’m always concerned when going to a location like this. While I had several almost-falling-on-my-butt moments, Briyanka never slipped once.

Below are the selected images I chose to reveal on this blog.

Please do not download, crop, or publish images. Thank you!

Erin Parker

img_4621-copy img_4645-copy img_4654-copy img_4663-copy img_4684-copy img_4703-copy img_4755-copy img_4764-copy img_4848-copy img_4878-copy


One thought on “Briyanka

  1. Absolutely stunning! Your creativity is inspiring. You are a very gifted photographer. Your hard work has blessed many others. Prayers for the Lord to continue to lead you. Thanks for sharing!


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