Close to six months ago, after wrapping up “Little Snow White,” I became quick to decide on my next Themed Shoot. However, I almost didn’t do it. I wanted to be so legit that when going dress hunting I was looking at a $200 cosplay costume and was like, “Forget it.” But I thought about it more, as it is tough for me to let go of an idea once having it. I decided to try putting something of my own together and seeing if I could get away with it.

There was a lot of thought put forth into this shoot during the summer months. I knew wasn’t a good idea to have someone dressed in all black and pose during the hot weather. So I decided to save this shoot for Fall. It was my plan all along to have some Fall color added to this shoot, but also wanted a little more “dark” added in as well. I decided everything would take place October 30th for in hopes of having more of that Fall color. So for four months, all I did was think about how I was going to pull this off, how I was going to put together ( clothing wise ) something that would be close to what a female villain might wear, and who was going to play the part.

Maleficent’s horns were the first item I purchased. I had searched many pairs of horns, including the famous head wrap. I was wanting to have the head wrap originally. But could not find anything sufficient. Everything I found was poor quality and looked nothing near what I was going for. I was later fortunate to have found the horns themselves. They were the closest to the real Maleficent horns that I could find. With that in mind, I decided the Maleficent I would portray would be one with her hair down. Also I may add, the horns are made of a very light foam and are hollow on the inside. It was quite a challenge to get them on Anna’s head. Thank goodness for bobbie pins! Because the only thing holding them to her head was a thin plastic band that is being covered by Anna’s hair.

When the time came closer for the shoot, I watched the movie, “Maleficent,” more closely than I had before. I studied it. In the Grimm’s version of “Brior Rose,” Maleficent is only one of 12 fairies mentioned, and does not have a name. She is only known as “the fairy.” She makes only one appearance where she curses the child to die on her 15th Birthday. Then she isn’t mentioned again. So, that really is not enough to go on is it? On to the movie I studied. And I learned that Angelina Jolie wears more than eight different costume changes and her horns change with each outfit. With what I could do, my version looks a little more plain. I thought of having my model wear a black ball gown at one time. Even thought of adding black wings. But I had to remember that Maleficent became a villain when she lost them.

 From the beginning, I knew I wanted Anna to be Maleficent. She is one, I believe, who can pull off wearing her make-up in any sort of way and it always looking fabulous! And I knew she could pull off Maleficent. She has previously modeled for my “June Carter,” shoot months back. You can see she went from simplicity to dramatic in two shoots. She did wonderfully.

I must add I was extremely nervous about doing this shoot. I had put so much thought and time into it, I was a little afraid I wouldn’t be able to accomplish what my imagination saw. Sometimes what I see in my head doesn’t always play out. Four months of waiting ended within 30 minutes. Before I knew it, the shoot was over and done. No going back. I forced myself to wait 24 hours before looking at any of the images. When beginning the editing, I found myself taking close to two hours per image. I repeated this to the point that I had to take day breaks, which has resulted in taking the longest Session to finish.

Something I hadn’t mentioned but to a couple people; this theme shoot was originally suppose to include two people. I had desired to add a Sleeping Beauty to the mix. But because of other matters, it never came about. Maybe at another time.

Once again, this Themed Shoot was taken place at my house. I have been fortunate to be able to make this work from my own backyard where I am the most comfortable.

***I do not mind if you share this post. In fact I encourage it! However, out of respect for me, please do not screen shot images, post them outside of this webpage, download or crop my credit from these images. ***

“Maleficent” will be added to my “Collections” page on my website very soon.

img_4938-copy img_4962-copy img_5187-copy img_5098-copy img_4953-copy img_5000-copy img_5027-copy img_5054-copy img_5067-copy img_6934-copy

For anyone wondering, I stood on a latter for this image.img_6955-copy img_5138-copy img_5169-copy img_5202-copy img_6944-copyA special thank you to Anna Upton for agreeing to portray Maleficent. Anna did her own make-up and hair.  She is currently in school studying Cosmetology. I believe she can do anything! So be sure you give her a call for all your hair and make-up needs!

I hope everyone enjoyed these images. I put my all into them, and challenged myself in ways I never knew I could. Doing what you enjoy is not always easy, but it is always good.

Onto the next Theme Session…

Erin Parker


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