Little Lottie

Besides the day she was born, this is the first Real Photo Shoot I have had with my almost two and a half year old niece, Lottie. And in June 2017, there will be another future niece/nephew to join her! Yes, I am going to be an Aunt again! I’ve stuck my lens in Lottie’s face since birth, so she is very well adjusted to the camera. She understands what pictures are and enjoy’s me taking many of her. She will often sit and pose, then after I am finished with the shutter, then get up and run to me, grabs my camera , and ask to see what she looks like. Very smart girl. And I hope that my next future niece/nephew will like to have their picture taken as well! And quite often.

*Please do not crop, remove, or publish images away from this website. Thank You.*
img_5345-copy img_5376-copy img_5391-copy img_5418-copy img_5443-copy img_5453-copy

We don’t know where she learned this. 😀img_5489-copy

This was the one spot Lottie did not like. She did not want to sit lady like on the tree stump. So when I made her leg lay down, she gives me this look. As terrible as it is, this is my favorite because of that look she gives me.img_5523-copy img_5530-copy img_5562-copy img_5567-copy img_5572-copy


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