Ally’s Homecoming Part 1: The Portraits.

Lavaca High School Basketball Homecoming 2017.

The reason why I am placing this event in Two Parts is because of the overwhelming amount of pictures I took at this event. It was almost non-stop yet a very exciting event. Ally’s parents hired me to photograph their daughter as Junior Homecoming Maid. The day was busy and at times very fast paced. I was fortunate to be able to photograph in a journalistic way, and also add a few Portraits into the mix. This blog is on Ally’s Portraits only. At this time, I am still working on the Homecoming Event pictures themselves and very soon I will make Part 2 on those alone.

We were afraid bad weather would come between going outside and taking pictures. It was very cloudy, but still bright enough to go out and do something. The first series of Portraits are of Ally in her daytime dress.

img_7370_1-copy img_7396-copy img_7399-copy img_7414-copy img_7425-copy img_7443-copy img_7448-copy

The last 3 images are of Ally in her white evening dress. Once her make-up and hair were finished, it was almost too dark outside, and I’m not joking when I had only two minutes to take a few of her outdoors. We were right outside the dressing room. With little time that I had, I am glad to have these.

img_7527-copy img_7549-copy img_7553-copyPart 2 Of Ally’s Homecoming will be on the web very soon! So please check back! Thanks!

Erin G. Parker


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