Ally’s Homecoming Part 2: The Event.

Lavaca High School 2017 Basketball Homecoming.

Here are “most” of the images from Ally’s Homecoming taken earlier this month. I say “most” because I have chosen a selection to share on my blog. There’s just too many, which is a good thing to have many photo’s but I only have so much space I can use. But it is enough to tell the story.

Please feel free to share this blog post with all your friends! However, please do not screen shot certain images, crop, or remove my credit to share on social media outside of this blog post. Please keep my name out there and the door open for more opportunity for me to photograph in the future. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy my side of Lavaca’s Homecoming.

Erin G. Parker

Pep Rally.

img_7176-copy img_7130-copy img_7370-copy img_7461-copy img_7167-copy img_7455-copy

Afternoon Ceremony.img_7191-copy twogirls img_7252-copy three four img_7375-copy

Getting ready for the Evening Ceremony.img_7475-copy img_7482-copy img_7491-copy img_7503-copy img_7511-copy img_7560-copy img_7568-copy img_7619-copy img_7598-copy img_7663-copy

Evening Ceremony.img_7690-copy img_7697-copy img_7717-copy img_7730-copy img_7737-copy img_7742-copy img_7753-copy img_7770-copy

2017 Basketball Homecoming Queen.img_7785-copy img_7794-copy img_7797-copy img_7550-copy img_7819-copy


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