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Today I visited a part of my property that I may not have set foot on since the age of 12. It has been a lovely day, and I didn’t want to spend any of it indoors. Since my mind has been thinking about new Theme Sessions, I decided to explore some new ground and begin at least that part of the planning.

img_8304-copyI went out with two Theme Shoots on my mind: I am considering revising the Red Riding Hood shoot. My original plan was to do it when it snowed. But being we only had one days worth of snow this Winter, the shoot never took place. However, I would still like to do something before it gets too hot again. I am still exploring and trying to decide on how I might accomplish this project with it not looking anything like the last one I had.

The other shoot I had in mind was one I have only mentioned to a small handful of people. Ever since the beginning of January, I had been considering doing Belle. I wanted to photograph Belle in two parts: one when she is in the woods, and the other in her famous yellow ball gown, not in the woods of course. Though I have the locations picked out and have been doing wardrobe research out of my ears for over a month now, I have decided that Belle is not a Theme I should do at this time. The biggest factor was the yellow dress. It was either buy the actual dress that was not from a costume store with a heavy $$ or try to make due with something very much “less than.” And the “less than” that I had been looking at just will not fit the part. I will not feel good about this shoot if I cannot have the actual product that I need. Maybe one day Belle will be something I will create…but not on my current budget.

So this left me wondering what I could do next, which leads to this:


Last year after I photographed the Red Riding Hood Shoot, I was so ready to photograph something like that again. My first thought of interest went directly to Alice in Wonderland. Why Alice, I really don’t know. Alice almost became the second Theme I would shoot, but I held back because of the amount of props that would go into it. The only part of the story I had my mind set on was the tea party scene. Though I am sure I could make it happen, I hardly had any money to spend on clocks and tea cups, as well as a Mad Hatter. So Alice was put to the side. Then before doing Maleficent, the idea came to my mind once again. And shortly after Maleficent, I did a little more search into it but put it off again.

Well, Alice is not put off anymore.


I have decided that now it is time for my version of Alice to make her mark. However, I will not be recreating the tea party scene as I intended to do:

I am going to recreate a Rabbit Hole.

You’ll find out how I am going to do this in a later post.

I just hope it will work.

You’re more than welcome to take part in this.

Erin Parker


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