Before Alice


Today I did some scouting for a good location for “Alice.” I had two spots in mind and finally had to narrow it down to one to make the perfect Rabbit Hole. It is also nice to have a second pair of eyes come with me. My mother accompanied me in deciding how I should shoot and if it would actually work. One thing for sure, is just because I see it in my mind, it isn’t always a reality for it to play out and work. I’ve run into that many times. It’s always best to test matters out. Earlier today I did just that. I got my camera, three lenses and tested the shots I saw in my mind with myself and my camera bag. With some adjustments to be made, I have officially found my location. This will not be the first, but I will have to shoot from a stepping stool or a latter for most of this shoot.

I am also hoping to create a backward levitation shot. It is going to take lots of work, for the girl modeling Alice that is. And I am somehow going to add a fan or two. Just today while shopping around town for props, I was so distracted by my thoughts on this shoot that I drove by four different turns before realizing that I missed my turn! I never realized how “in the clouds” I could be.

While I almost have everything I need, there is one things I do need: Clocks. I need clocks. Clocks of all shapes and sizes, especially if the clock face has roman numerals. If anyone is willing to let me borrow a clock, please message me on Facebook. I promise you it will not be broken and returned to you in better condition that you left it in.

There is still much to be done with creating this Rabbit Hole of mine. I believe I am now passed Stage 1. Soon I will have to be using a rake and possibly a shovel to create. I’d honestly like to let that sit in your minds for a bit. No, I am not physically digging a real hole. And no, it is not going to be photoshopped. I know some photographers use digital backgrounds to create masterpieces and that is fine for them. But for me, if I can’t make it real, its not going to happen.

The deck of cards above is just one of many props for this shoot. A brand new deck which will soon be covered in dirt. Oh well.

Erin Parker



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