Day Of The Rainbow Bus.

I will never forget the day I was sacking a customers groceries when looking out the window, there rode into the parking lot the most colorful, artistic school bus I had ever seen. Just who owns something like that? For almost 4 hours people coming and going expressed their immediate curiosity, but none was greater than mine. I rushed home on my lunch break, grabbed my camera and rushed back to work again, praying that if it were God’s will that the school bus would still be there, please let it still be there so I can get some pictures!

The crew aboard the bus were a very friendly bunch. I approached them and asked if it would be okay if I photographed their bus, they said sure! The people were very inviting and open. In fact, I was told much information about what the group does when traveling the roads as they do. One of the biggest passions they desire is to help feed those who are homeless. They take donations, food or money form, and cook food in their kitchen located in the very back of the bus for anybody who wants a free meal. The group will often sleep outdoors at night, attend Rainbow Events, allow hitchhikers to ride along, and help people make clay ovens to cook their own food.

With only 20 minutes to spare, below is the best of what I captured that day. I will say probably not many people have an opportunity like this one to see a small portion inside the world of a hippie living on the road. I encourage you to take your time looking at these photo’s, for there’s a lot of detail to take in.

Erin Parker


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