Red Riding Hood Part:2

It’s been a year since my first Theme Photo Shoot. My first Shoot was set to Red Riding Hood. I was just having some fun, and not completely sure how it would work out. I had taken many family portraits over the past few years but this time I knew it was going to be something very different.

The shoot came and went. I was very amazed at the look and feel given during the first one. I decided during the Winter months that I wanted to do a second Red Riding Hood, only it be shot in the snow. Being we had only one full day of snow for the entire season, it gave almost no room to schedule to make a shoot like that happen. Nonetheless, I decided to shoot a second anyways, with it being this Spring Break week an exact year since the first.

I wanted this second take to me more “grown-up” like, and much more moody. I’m happy that the weather was very cloudy the day Leigh Anne arrived to begin shooting. I put her in a long black dress this time, the very same one used in the Maleficent Theme Shoot. I’m very happy Leigh Anne was up for portraying Red Riding Hood once again. She gives such deep expressions, and had hardly any direction from me.

The location is the exact place of the first Red Riding Hood and Snow White.

I ask that anyone viewing these images, please do not screen shot, crop, copy, or publish images away from this blog post out of respect to me as photographer and artist. However, you may share this blog post and I highly encourage it!

Thank you,

Erin G. Parker


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