I had been planning this Theme Shoot for weeks. Every time I decide to have another one of these, I always have a fear in the back of my mind of it never working out. I really never know what the outcome will be when doing Theme Shoots. I had an inspiration from another photographer about creating my own rabbit hole. I’m very blessed to live on 28 acres in which thus so far I have been able to photograph so much. All I needed was a backdrop of some kind. It was the original plan to create my own back drop using tarps, foam spray and spray paint. I knew I could do it, however, I also knew it would cost a pretty penny. I decided to scout for other options, and also not knowing if any of this would ever work or happen.

Luckily, I have two ponds. And it was the deepest side of one pond where I shot almost the entire shoot. I used tarps to block away the sun. I used a rake to push away old leaves to make the background look more “dirtier” and stirred. All the props were taken from my kitchen, including my mom’s old jewelry box. She has so many watches. All of them are in the photo’s if you look good enough for them.

This shoot took about an hour to do, which is the longest Theme Shoot I have accomplished yet! Creating the “falling shot” took some time to do, as well as waiting for the sun to go down. For this image, my backdrop was not steep enough. So image stacking had to take place, which took about two hours to do just that alone in post production.

If you’ve been following me for some time, you’d recognize the dress. It’s the same one used for the June Carter Inspired Shoot that took place April of 2016. I already had it, so I used it. I wanted my Alice to be more grown up anyways.

Makenna made a great model as Alice. She literally did everything I told her to, which including laying on the ground, rolling in the dirt, planting her face against the dirt…in other words she was up for anything and couldn’t stop smiling most of the time. She also had to hold her body up for long periods of time as I worked to get the “falling shot” look just right before clicking the shutter. When you do a shoot with me, you never know just what I may ask you to do.

Out of respect for me as a photographer and an artist, please do not download, screenshot, crop and publish these images outside of this blog on various social media outlets. However, I highly encourage you to please share this blog post anywhere you’d like. 🙂

Erin Parker


3 thoughts on “Alice

  1. I love this!! Y ou are so talented Makenna is my niece she also did a wonderful job so impressed and once again absolutely love it


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