Mother & Son ( Diamond & Isaiah )

Two days before Easter, Diamond and her son, Isaiah, met me on an isolated gravel road for an evening of pictures. The grave road just so happens to be the road leading to my house btw. I’ve mentioned many times through out my blog how blessed I am to be able to use resources for Portraits and etc at my home or very close to it. The gravel road at certain places through out the year is a beautiful location. Also, in some of these images, we made our way to an open field with lots of sky, also located below my house. 🙂

Isaiah was a lot of fun during this shoot. He is very expressive and like any other two year old, has a mind of his own, which is what made this shoot very fun and very cute. He loved the suitcases I provided…actually he enjoyed knocking them to the ground more than he did sitting on them. Along the way he gathered rocks, then gave me a rock or two to hold on to. He also found a quarter at one point, which you will see in on of the images below, and I have no idea where he got it from. Isaiah is one little boy full of surprises!

Diamond and I were co-workers at one time for a year or two. Anytime she request Portraits, I always keep my door open to her.

Please do not crop or remove credit from images. Please keep my name out there.


Erin G. Parker



Diamond & Isaiah


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