What’s Been Recent.

There has been a lot of work in my life the past week and a half. I am currently recovering from Lasik Surgery which occurred last Thursday afternoon. It was very successful and my eyes can already see better than they ever have before! It is an amazing feeling to no longer have to remove contact lenses or glasses from my sight right before bedtime. There is still a glare in my vision that I have to deal with, which is normal and will slowly go away over time. Other than that, I am beginning to return to my normal routine. Even today as I am writing this, my eyes are better adjusted to starting at a computer screen. I had a recent photo shoot between a young mother and son before the surgery and my goal is to finish editing those images between today and tomorrow for everyone to see!

As mentioned in a previous post, I am also itching to start on a new Theme Shoot. I had a custom “dress” made in the last few weeks. It has been hanging in my bedroom, staring at me everyday just waiting to be photographed. I love this “dress” so much and I cannot wait for everyone to see the beauty of it. This next shoot is going to be very different than my normal style. While I enjoy the moody, dark, fantasy kind of Theme’s, this one will be the exact opposite of that. My aim is something more elegant, Spring, and colorful. I’m working on getting this Shoot up and going in the next couple of weeks. It will most likely be the last one for the Spring season.

I am not sure how much longer I will be creating Theme Shoots. When I decided to try something different with my style over a year ago, I took a huge chance and hadn’t the slightest idea on what I was doing. I guess I can say I was going with my gut. I thought I would only do one. But then it led to others. I have enjoyed photography so much more by making this transition. But this also leads to another transition that I believe is taking place: I currently work two jobs which are in two completely different towns. One I will supposibly be letting go of in the Summer. I feel my life and the people in it are beginning to shift more to my other job. I don’t know all that the Lord has in store for my life ( I don’t have to know, but just trust ), but I can already sense in the near future that things will be changing. I will do Theme Shoots for as long as I can because I enjoy doing them. I do them for me before anyone else. And I have been so grateful to live where I currently live on acres of property that I can do whatever I wish with. God has blessed me so much. I see it so much more through photography just what He has done for me “just because” He is that good.

Erin G. Parker






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