Elegance Part 1

If you’ve followed me for the past year, this style and type of Shoot might surprise some. I tend to fall in the “darker, moody” tones. But this time I really wanted something very much the opposite of that, yet still kept that deep rich color to it.

I had a feel for pretty.

At the beginning of April, I started to form this shoot in my mind. I was leaning toward more a Princess and the Frog theme at first, but decided to give fantasy a rest and do something more neutral and vibrant for a change.

Therefore, the giant peach skirt was formed.

Amazon had little to offer than I liked. Obviously, adult tutu’s aren’t near as high demand as little girl tutu’s. I knew I wanted something poofy but couldn’t not get past the idea of purchasing an expensive ball gown.

Forget it.

I am very fortunate that I have a friend who had recently began making little girl tutu’s. One day I finally asked her if she could possibly make me an adult one for a Theme Shoot that I had been planning to take place within a few weeks. The final result of that giant tutu is shown in the pictures below. I am very grateful for my friend Candace Randall and all the hard work she put into making this skirt. Be sure to check out her Facebook Business page Especially Yours By Candace and see all she has to offer! She not only makes tutu’s, but also everyday items which varies from invitations to party items! She’s a treasure!

Sarah Beth and I met in an open area located just below my house. The lighting in these images varies much. We began shooting at 7:15 and went all the way until the sun went down at around 8:05pm. The lighting was a dream come true. Sometimes I have to be fast before loosing it. I’m excited to have captured some of the most proudest lighting moments for me.

A special thank you to Sarah Beth for modeling the skirt so well and with grace. 🙂

I politely ask for those viewing to not download, crop/ remove credit from these images and post on various social websites. However, I do encourage everyone to share this blog post anywhere you please.

Erin G. Parker


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