Always Remember

Possibly, the only really cool life event that ever took place in my families history, is when my Papa served at Fort Chaffee the same exact time as Elvis Presley.

However, my Papa felt the call of duty to serve and be ready for whenever it may be needed of him to fight for this country. Thankfully, that day never came for him. But for many others it did. Men and Women since the beginning have sacrificed their lives for our Freedom. Freedom is a word that means to much more to me, especially Spiritually in my life. For because of Jesus giving His life in my place on the cross, I have Real Freedom from Sin for all time. He defeated death by rising from the grave three days later, and paved the way for eternal life.

By Christ’s example, many people have gone forward because they believed in the future of this country. May we always be forever grateful for their Sacrifice and remember that our children live on the greatest place on earth because of these Men, Women, Husbands, Wives, Fathers, Mothers, Son’s and Daughters.

Erin G. Parker


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