My Summer Vibes: Week 2

This wasn’t much of a week for photography for me.

Towards the middle of the week, with surprise, my 11 and a half year old cockapoo, Annie, died suddenly. And I did not discover it until 30 minutes before leaving for work.

Days before we knew something wasn’t right, and believed she might be suffering from an enlarged heart, or possible congested heart failure. We were relieved to find out Annie instead had pneumonia. It is still a mystery has to how she got it, but my family was much relieved to find out it was that and was treatable. Her heart was in perfect condition. We began medicine the day we discovered this news we believed was joyful news.

But it was already too late, and didn’t make it 14 hours later.

This is the 3rd pet that I’ve owned that died before me leaving for work. You can only imagine the mess I felt in my mind trying to make it through the work day. Only what makes this sad is that she just stopped breathing and suffered.

Sorry I haven’t much to say in this post. But I do want to say…


Go hug your pets more often.

Even better…


Never forget to tell your family you love them.


Erin G. Parker


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