My Summer Vibes: Week 3

I insist that July is still Summer. I’m already seeing school supplies being advertised back on the shelves and all the summer stuff being discounted at the check stands. June we are allowed to feel and think Summer, but July is, I guess, think about going back to school. I’m sure its more of a money scam, like putting up Christmas stuff in September. Whatever you want to call it, or if you like it, thats fine with you.

But July is still summer. Though I’m like any working adult every single Summer, I still choose to feel the excitement Summer time can bring every year and I plan to use ever ounce of it.

My excitement remained home this week. I do try to create what I can when at home. Its my sanctuary. It is also the place where I won’t have an audience if what I created were to be elsewhere.

I gave my Scottish Terrier, Ace, a bath. His hair isn’t very long in this picture, since once a year his body gets shaved before the summer heat hits, and to have a chance to grow out a new coat. He is about to be 12 years old. Being my other dog, Annie, died a week from last Thursday, it made me want another picture with my old dog. His partner in crime, Zoe, died of old age last year close to this time. And I was so worried he was going to be one of those dogs that never stopped mourning. But he bounced back, and has been okay. However, I discovered a bump on his tailbone yesterday, which very well could be cancer. It makes me sad because, gosh, all my pets seem to be dying closely together. Though Ace is fine right now, I know what this will possibly lead to one day eventually.

I’ve met a lot of women in my hometown who do not like flowers, or to even receive flowers on Valentines Day, or any other day cause its a waste of time and plant. I on the other hand, love flower. And I don’t care if they come bundled in a bouquet or in a flower pot, I want them! I have these lovely beauties growing in front of my small porch, and I love the opportunity to to have them fresh in my house on a weekly basis.

Another post on flowers: Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE sunflowers???? I have wanted Red Crimson ones for years now, and this past Spring I finally bought some to plant. However, with so much unexpected rainfall over the past three months, almost all of the ones I planted washed away, or broke, except this ONE! And it finally bloomed this week! I didn’t plan this shot until the last minute, and then decided bubbles would add a good touch. But looking at it now, I don’t know why I did that.

My thoughts before making this photo: I really was sitting on my porch thinking about all the Lord has blessed me with. How I had so many dreams to leave the land my parents brought me and my brother to 18 years ago and pursue my own opportunities I desired to create. But those doors never opened and I never left. For a time I was very unhappy and failed to see the opportunity God did have before me. Of course I refused to see it for some time until I finally let it all go and humbled myself. Years later looking off my porch, I realize just what good God has for me by abiding to His will instead of insisting on having mine come to pass. Thats what this picture reflects upon.

I have a new friend at my house: I named him Herman. He hasn’t left my sunflower ever since it bloomed. At night I’ll go outside and see him sleeping on the pollen. Literally, he was sleeping on it!

It isn’t often I do silhouette images. I feel I don’t live in a good spot with so much openness for them. There are trees everywhere. But I managed for this image. I wish I could have made the bubbles more clear, so I blame the wind carrying them in the wrong direction, as they are not being flown directly in front of me, but more behind me. This photo took several attempts to get it right before my sunset vanished. And once the sun went down, the sky was completely blue. It wasn’t one of those long lasting color sunsets. But still beautiful.

Someone at work said to me yesterday, “You gonna take another one of your pretty pictures this evening?” I actually hadn’t planned to because it had been raining some yesterday. I do have an idea I’ve been wanting to try with rain, but hadn’t planned to try it out just yet. So when arriving home yesterday evening, I thought of trying something else with silhouette. We did not have a sunset last night, obviously by the image above. But the sky did look pretty dynamic being it has been raining earlier that afternoon. I decided to use my flag for this one. And boy it was hard! I didn’t realize the dramatic-ness of it until I looked at it on my computer and thought, “Wow.”

Might be doing some traveling next week, so another blog may not be up next Saturday. But trust me, my camera will be by my side at all times. 😀


Erin G. Parker



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