My name is Erin Parker. I’ve been taking pictures for going on 11 years. I never believed that I would be at this level of my art that I am right now. And I am striving to go further. If you can believe it, photography has been with me through my teenage years, through my early 20’s, and it has been used in joyous times and hard trials of life. Photography is almost like a memento of God. Its evidence left behind of what God has done in my life.

I am a graduate student at The New York Institute of Photography in Photojournalism. But I also love and enjoy photographing Themed Sessions and working on personal projects.

A lot has changed during 2016. To better explain, I encourage you to read a previous post on what these changes are about by clicking here. In the photography world, I have been encourage to do more of what I love, and let go of all the other stuff, because its not important. Whats important is with what you do pleases God and yourself.

With Love, Erin G. Parker


One thought on “About

  1. I am amazed and impressed at the level of your skills evident in your photos. I look forward to following your photo journal. And if you’re interested I’d like to set something up for a portrait session. 😊

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