A Photographers Honesty…

I’ve been taking pictures for, what will be, 12 years next Spring. You might say I’ve been around the block, more than once. I’ve always enjoyed and are always proud of what I’ve accomplished and gained through my education and experience…which I am never finished with. I’ll never finish learning. I seem to have created […]

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My Summer Vibes: Week 3

I insist that July is still Summer. I’m already seeing school supplies being advertised back on the shelves and all the summer stuff being discounted at the check stands. June we are allowed to feel and think Summer, but July is, I guess, think about going back to school. I’m sure its more of a […]

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My Summer Vibes: Week 2

This wasn’t much of a week for photography for me. Towards the middle of the week, with surprise, my 11 and a half year old cockapoo, Annie, died suddenly. And I did not discover it until 30 minutes before leaving for work. Days before we knew something wasn’t right, and believed she might be suffering […]

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My Summer Vibes: Week 1

When I was 15, I would go to Walmart and buy the twin package of the plastic Kodak Film cameras that could only take 24 pictures per case. This is where my photographic journey began. I took pictures at church & family events and activities because nobody else would. I noticed something was missing. I […]

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2018 Senior: Alicia

Alicia and her family took me to a Castle.   Well, it felt like one, as you will be seeing in the images below. It was actually a Catholic Boys School in Subiaco. I have always wanted to go there, and the Stamper family were the ones to take me.   The landscape of this […]

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Always Remember

Possibly, the only really cool life event that ever took place in my families history, is when my Papa served at Fort Chaffee the same exact time as Elvis Presley. However, my Papa felt the call of duty to serve and be ready for whenever it may be needed of him to fight for this […]

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